Accounting and Tax Services That Shield Your Business

We make sure that the company of your dreams lets you sleep in peace

how to be part of a global business
Discover the principles to protect your company from hostile environments, avoiding human errors, money leaks and possible legal complications

Your company gives you the power to grow, protect it!

Your company allows you to grow. Do not lose it!

BORNER works with people who understand that shielding their company is the guarantee of growing and advancing, that it is not only about earning more, but also about conserving and securing resources to never go back in the process.


Defences Lines

Protocols Reports

Control Tactics


Business Inteligence

"Total Shielding" method for companies

Discover how to resist the external attacks of a hostile and indifferent business environment

Since 1974 we have been shielding business and more than 500 customers who give us the experience to create a new industry in business services

How can you have your squad of elite advisors that protect your company?
We help you create and design your control structure, work team, and align the technology you have, creating a protective vault against external hostilities, no matter who they come from.

Discover in our free training how to shield your company and have your own squad of advisors who protect you from the most hostile and ruthless business environments like the ones we see today.


Success stories

Paula found it very difficult to keep an eye on the operation of the company in addition to keeping sales up to sustain her business.

Reduces fixed administrative staff costs by up to 70%

Learn how to implement shielding in your company with our "total shielding" method. When you know how to implement the method, you will have a complete elite squad of advisors specialized in your business using the best technology, paying from 50% to 70% less per month in fixed administrative costs

¡That is our guarantee!

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